When does Umbrella Insurance coverage kick in?

Umbrella insurance from Hinman & Associates Insurance kicks in when you are liable for more money than your other insurance policies can cover. This type of policy is designed to provide additional coverage for expenses that exceed your standard auto, health, and homeowners insurance policies. Umbrella insurance can help protect against various damages and liabilities, such as medical expenses, property damage, legal costs from a lawsuit, and even libel or slander. It’s important to note that umbrella coverage does not kick in until the limits of the underlying policies have been exhausted. 

For example, if you have an auto accident here in the Reno, NV area and the costs exceed the liability limit of your car insurance policy (say $500,000). Your umbrella policy would kick in and cover any remaining costs up to its limit (which could be millions). This way, umbrella insurance acts like a “safety net” – providing additional financial protection when traditional coverage isn’t enough.  

Umbrella coverage can also provide protection for certain damages or liabilities not covered under a typical insurance policy, such as false arrest and slander/libel. In addition, umbrella insurers often offer worldwide coverage, meaning you’re protected from claims even in other countries. 

Ultimately, umbrella insurance is a great solution for those looking to protect themselves and their finances against potential lawsuits or costly damages. It’s always best to speak with an experienced insurance agent or financial advisor who can review your current coverage levels and determine if purchasing additional coverage through an umbrella policy makes sense.

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