The special hazards of riding a motorcycle

For some, nothing is quite as refreshing as riding a motorcycle. The wind in your face, the open road, and the feeling of freedom are like nothing else you can experience.

However, because a motorcycle lacks safety features such as an airbag or an automobile’s collapsible car body, motorcycle riding can have several special hazards. Hinman & Associates Insurance, serving Reno, NV, explains some of these dangers.

A person on a motorcycle is less visible than an automobile. Bikes are smaller and thus can sometimes be missed on the road, especially at night or in inclement conditions.

Motorcycles, being inherently unstable and are more prone to accidents when encountering road hazards than automobiles. Slick pavement, potholes, and road debris that a car might be able to handle can be deadly for a motorcycle and its rider.

Motorcycles are also susceptible to speed accidents. Sometimes, at high speeds on a freeway, the front of the motorcycle can begin to wobble and shake. This characteristic can lead to an accident at high speeds if the rider is not careful.

Finally, riding a motorcycle requires a different skill set than driving an automobile. Operating a motorcycle takes a great deal of dexterity and an appreciation for the basic limitations of the vehicle. Motorcycles have far less of a margin for error than driving a car. 

One good safety tip is to wear proper gear when riding a motorcycle. This includes boots, full-length pants, a leather jacket, and gloves. A helmet is a must, even in states or localities that don’t require it.

For more information on motorcycle insurance and how to ride in greater safety, contact Hinman & Associates Insurance, serving Reno, NV.