Early Signs of Foundation Problems

It is usual for a house in Reno, NV to settle over time, and slight unevenness isn’t a cause to panic. However, there are several factors, such as weather, plumbing leaks, and tree roots, that can lead to foundation problems. Unfortunately, as these problems worsen, it can lead to extensive damages to the foundation, which may create more dangers, such as electrical, water, or gas line issues. Recognizing the early warning signs of foundation problems can help to eliminate more extensive and expensive problems for your home. Hinman & Associates Insurance has put together a few of the most common warning signs you should be aware of that may indicate a problem with your foundation.

Cracks in the Exterior Brick

One of the first warning signs of potential foundation problems is cracks in the exterior brick walls. As the soil under your house settles, the exterior walls also settle and rotate. As the exterior walls rotate, it puts stress on the joints and bricks, which causes small cracks in the bricks. Unfortunately, over time the cracks will continue to grow larger, leading to unstable walls, potential water damage, and an entrance for pests.

Bowing Walls in the Basement

As the moisture continues to build up in soil that is surrounding your house, it becomes heavier, which ultimately builds excessive pressure on the basement walls. Then, as the soil dries out, it begins to contract and pull away from the walls. This pushing and pulling from the earth on the basement walls causes them to bow and bend, eventually causing cracks in the walls of the basement.

Cracks in the Interior Walls

It’s common to find a few small interior wall cracks as the foundation begins to settle, and a well-constructed house can handle a fair amount of concrete shrinkage, soil expansion, and contraction and stress. However, if the soil around your home has excessive or inappropriate settling, it can have a significant effect on the foundation. This excessive settling often causes cracks in the interior walls, especially in the area where the ceiling and wall meet.

It’s important also to be aware of things such as windows and doors that are difficult to open and close uneven flooring, and a leaning chimney. These are signs that the foundation may have extensive issues, potential problems that you cannot visibly see, such as excess moisture inside the walls.

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My Friend Had His Laptop Stolen From My House. Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover This?

Homeowners insurance covers the loss of personal property by other people while they are in your home. Anyone that visits you, therefore, gets basic coverage. If they lose their property or get injured, your home insurance can help compensate them to avoid lawsuits.

Should You Make A Claim?

It may not be in your best interest to make a claim for the lost laptop. It will affect your insurance record and is not worth it. You will be forced to make a deductible on the claim and the claim will be added to your report. Filling your report with unnecessary claims makes you appear as someone that is high-risk to the insurer. This may make your premium rates go higher. The deductible claim you pay could be almost as much as the cost of your friend’s laptop. File a claim for it only if your friend’s laptop is too expensive for you to replace. Consider the difference between your deductible and the cost of the laptop. If it is a lot, then it is okay to file a claim. If not, we advise that you protect your insurance record so it can be of use when you really need it.

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