Classic Car Regulations in Nevada

New classic car regulations will be going into effect for Nevada auto owners beginning in 2023 via Assembly Bill 349. While an update on the rules behind these coveted car tags and titles is not entirely unexpected, auto owners may not realize this law links directly to Classic Car Insurance in Nevada. Hinman & Associates Insurance serves Reno, NV classic car owners. Here is what you need to know.

Classic Vehicle Designation

Registering as a Classic Vehicle allows some exceptions for classic car owners. After all, that Model T isn’t going to meet the same standards as a 2021 Prius, and changing components from the original isn’t an option. Classic vehicle registration was previously designed for cars that travel less than 5,000 miles per year and allows these cars to avoid modern smog checks. This registration has primarily relied on the honor system to report care features.

Changing in 2023, the new law will require Classic Car Insurance to be able to register a classic vehicle in the state.

Classic Car Insurance

With insurance soon to be mandatory for Classic Car registration, many drivers seek to find the more stringent details needed to meet these program requirements. The insurance policies tend to have more requirements than the state, which lawmakers see as a means to close registration loopholes and reduce environmental emissions. Classic Car insurance policies are typically based on auto age, usage, vehicle value, storage, and condition. There are also Antique Car policies available for the oldest co

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