Renters Insurance Coverage Breakdown

Hinman & Associates Insurance serves the Reno, NV community, as well as the surrounding areas. We offer our clients multiple types of insurance policies. We recognize that each of our clients has unique needs, so we strive to help them find flexible policies that evolve based on the situation. We look forward to offering you high-class customer service.

Renters Insurance Coverage Breakdown

Reno, NV is home to several appealing rental properties throughout the city. If you are staying in one of these units, consider the benefits of renters insurance. The policy covers all of your personal items if they are stolen or vandalized. Liability coverage is important because you are protected if a guest gets injured while visiting your home. Liability coverage also protects you if you accidentally damage someone else’s property.

Renters insurance is a personalized form of coverage. Your landlord will cover the interior and exterior parts of the rental property through their insurance. You can also add extra coverage to your policy. Flood insurance is another option to consider. If heavy rainfall moves through the area, your property would be covered if a drainage backup occurs and damages your personal items inside the unit. If you plan to have a lot of guests over to your property, consider umbrella insurance to protect you if a serious liability dispute arises.  If you have luxury items at the rental property, you’ll need extra coverage to fully protect those items if they are stolen or vandalized. Alternative living coverage will help you find a temporary place to stay if your rental property needs to be repaired because it sustained severe damage.

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