Find Out How Much Commercial Insurance Your Company Needs

Do you have a new company or just determined that you need commercial insurance? Be sure to talk through what’s necessary with an agent like those at Hinman & Associates Insurance, serving the Sparks and Reno, NV area.

The Size of Your Company Is a Big Factor

Consider the size of your business when it comes to knowing how much insurance you should have in place. A small business likely will require much less in terms of coverage, though, of course, this depends on the specifics of the company.

Most Common Types of Business Insurance

It’s in your best interest to have the bare minimum insurance for your company, which is required for most states. Be sure to get general liability insurance that will protect your company against legal claims resulting from claims of negligence, accidents, and injuries. Product liability coverage also is vital if you manufacture, distribute, wholesale, or retail any products since it will cover liability in terms of safety. If you provide services, you should have professional liability insurance to protect your business against malpractice, negligence, and error claims.

Where you work will determine if you should get commercial property insurance or home-based business insurance. They both provide coverage in the instance of fire, storm, vandalism, and more that can cause damage to your building, electronics, and other physical property.

An agent at Hinman & Associates Insurance can help you figure out what commercial insurance would benefit your business. We’ll ensure that you comply with the laws of the Reno, NV area. Reach out to us today with your questions and concerns, and we’ll do our best to put your mind at ease.

Early Signs of Foundation Problems

It is usual for a house in Reno, NV to settle over time, and slight unevenness isn’t a cause to panic. However, there are several factors, such as weather, plumbing leaks, and tree roots, that can lead to foundation problems. Unfortunately, as these problems worsen, it can lead to extensive damages to the foundation, which may create more dangers, such as electrical, water, or gas line issues. Recognizing the early warning signs of foundation problems can help to eliminate more extensive and expensive problems for your home. Hinman & Associates Insurance has put together a few of the most common warning signs you should be aware of that may indicate a problem with your foundation.

Cracks in the Exterior Brick

One of the first warning signs of potential foundation problems is cracks in the exterior brick walls. As the soil under your house settles, the exterior walls also settle and rotate. As the exterior walls rotate, it puts stress on the joints and bricks, which causes small cracks in the bricks. Unfortunately, over time the cracks will continue to grow larger, leading to unstable walls, potential water damage, and an entrance for pests.

Bowing Walls in the Basement

As the moisture continues to build up in soil that is surrounding your house, it becomes heavier, which ultimately builds excessive pressure on the basement walls. Then, as the soil dries out, it begins to contract and pull away from the walls. This pushing and pulling from the earth on the basement walls causes them to bow and bend, eventually causing cracks in the walls of the basement.

Cracks in the Interior Walls

It’s common to find a few small interior wall cracks as the foundation begins to settle, and a well-constructed house can handle a fair amount of concrete shrinkage, soil expansion, and contraction and stress. However, if the soil around your home has excessive or inappropriate settling, it can have a significant effect on the foundation. This excessive settling often causes cracks in the interior walls, especially in the area where the ceiling and wall meet.

It’s important also to be aware of things such as windows and doors that are difficult to open and close uneven flooring, and a leaning chimney. These are signs that the foundation may have extensive issues, potential problems that you cannot visibly see, such as excess moisture inside the walls.

Residents of Reno, NV interested in learning more information about foundation issues or to review your current home insurance policy, contact Hinman & Associates Insurance.

Classic Car Insurance in Nevada

Hinman & Associates Insurance in Reno, NV offers insurance for your classic car. An antique automobile is hard to find and expensive to maintain. That’s why it’s important to keep them covered with the appropriate policy. Learn more about our classic truck and car insurance below.

What Is a Classic Vehicle?

A classic vehicle is over ten years old and of historic interest to collectors. If it’s 25 years or older, it’s an antique car. There are a few other characteristics that impact whether you can insure your antique or classic car.

First, you use it rarely, reserving use to club activities, exhibitions, and parades (or similar events). Insured cars are well-maintained and preserve the antique look of the original features.

Insurance for Your Classic Car

You can get insurance for your exotic sports car or rare editions of brand collectors love, such as Mustang or Jaguar. Perhaps you bought it in pristine condition or restored it with your own hands. Your classic car is your passion and you need to protect yourself from the financial loss associated with theft, accident or another covered event.

Collector Car Insurance in Reno, NV

Here are some of the coverage option for rare vehicles available in Nevada:

  • Special claims and repair options
  • Value coverage
  • Flexible use coverages
  • Liability and damage options
  • Free valuation of the vehicle

Hinman & Associates serves our clients in Reno, NV. Whether you own a sleek sports machine from the 1960s or a trusty Model T that survived the depression, we can help you get the coverage you need to keep your baby safe on the road, at the show or in your garage.


Understanding Renters Insurance

If you are renting in Reno, NV, you may have heard about renters’ insurance. If you have questions about this common and affordable type of coverage, here are the answers from Hinman & Associates Insurance.

What is Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance is a policy that you can buy to cover the possessions that you keep in the home or apartment that you rent. Even if you don’t own a home, replacing all of your belongings if there is a fire or robbery in the place that you live can be very expensive. Just consider all the electronics, jewelry, and collectibles in which you’ve invested money, as well as your furniture, clothing, and other essentials. Do you have cash in hand to replace all of that if your rental unit had a fire? Renters insurance will help pay to replace your things if something terrible happens at your rental unit.

Isn’t My Landlord’s Policy Enough?

Of course, your landlord probably has a homeowner’s policy, especially if he has a mortgage. However, his policy for your rental unit only covers repairs to the structure itself. So, if a storm tears the roof off of the home, the landlord’s policy will pay to replace the roof and repair the damaged interior. However, his policy will not cover your things that are in the home. That’s why you need a renters insurance policy. If there is a storm, fire, or burglary, you will want to replace the items that are damaged or stolen, and a renters policy can help you do that.

If you have questions about renters insurance or you wish to purchase renters insurance in the Reno, NV area, you can contact Hinman & Associates Insurance. We will be glad to answer your questions and get you set up with a policy that will protect your possessions if something terrible happens at the home that you rent.




What to Look For When Buying a Motor Home

Whether you are looking to buy a motor home for occasional traveling or you are considering retiring to Reno, NV in a motor home, knowing what to look for may seem overwhelming. There is a wide range of options and features available, some of which are essential and some are a luxury. If you are new to being a motor home owner, it’s important to take your time and choose the one best fits your needs. To help you get started, here are a few things that Hinman & Associates Insurance recommend you look for in a motor home.

Storage Space

Motor homes can often be short on interior space, so it’s essential that you look at the available storage space. Keep in mind that storage space may be found both inside and outside the motor home. To ensure you have enough storage, it’s important to think about the amount of time you‘ll be spending in the motor home and the activities you’ll be doing when traveling. For instance, how long will you be on the road and are there any hidden compartments where you can store beach equipment, snowboards or ski equipment? You’ll also need enough storage space for clothing, food, and necessities. If the motor home is lacking in storage space, look closely to see if there is a way you can alter it to add more storage.

Holding Tank

The holding tank is one of the most crucial features of a motor home. The holding tank is responsible for holding water and toilet waste until you dump it. So, the first thing to look for is that the motor home has a holding tank and that it is in good condition. You’ll also want to make sure it is easy to access and easy to dump. The holding tank should be in a secure storage area and the hose should be in good condition and within a close range to the holding tank.


You will also need to carefully look at the tires. If buying used, make sure they’re in good condition; the tread should be good, the tires should be sized appropriately and if there are dual tires, make sure all can be easily accessed.

Once you have purchased your motor home, don’t forget to insure it. You’ll need to speak with your agent to determine the best policy for the motor home as well as your use for the motor home.

Residents of Reno, NV that are buying a motor home insurance policy should contact Hinman & Associates Insurance.


Does RV Insurance Cover Storm Damage?

RV insurance is something that everyone can benefit from. Having a good RV policy can mean the difference between an RV that is well protected and one that is not. You should take the time to find coverage that works best for you and your RV to make sure you have the best coverage. For those that live in the Reno, NV area, the agents with Hinman & Associates Insurance can help you to find the coverage that works best for you and for your particular needs.

RV insurance covers a wide range of damages to your RV, including storm damage. If your RV is damaged in a storm with things like hail, trees, and branches falling, and more, you can put in for your insurance to cover the cost of repairs. This means you can have your dents pulled out, you can have auto glass replaced, you can have any range of other things repaired as well to help make sure that your RV is back in great working order and that it looks as good as it runs.

You can get help with repairs associated with storm damage much like you would if you were filing a claim in terms of a car needing storm damage repair. You may have to take your RV to a mechanic or a repair shop that is approved by the insurance company but you can get help repairing your RV and getting it back in perfect working order. For those that live in the Reno, NV area, the agents with Hinman & Associates Insurance can help you to find the right coverage for you and can help you get coverage that is going to allow you to recover after any storm or any issue you may have.  

Important Motorcycle Insurance Info Everyone Must Know

If you are a motorcycle owner it is critical to understand the coverage you have in place so that you are getting the most value from your policy. If you are unsure of the types of coverage you have in place and live in the Reno, NV area reach out to Hinman & Associates Insurance today. 

It is important to understand the amount of money you would get in the event your bike was destroyed. There are typically 3 different options

Actual Cash Value: Pays you the amount  your motorcycle was worth minus any depreciation 

Stated Amount: This would be the amount you would have chosen when you purchased the policy 

 Agreed to value: This is the option most classic motorcycle owners would choose and it is the amount agreed to by you and the insurance company when you purchased the policy.

As any motorcycle rider will tell you the coast of the equipment such as helmets, gloves, and boots can quickly add up. A motorcycle policy will help replace those items in the event that they are damaged. 

In the event an accident occurs within a certain amount of distance from our home, that forces you to stay at a hotel and eat out, your policy may cover part of these expenses. This is typically an extra coverage that will need to be added on to the basic coverage so be sure to ask your agent at Hinman & Associates Insurance whether your policy has the coverage. 

Another coverage option is lay-up coverage. If you do not use the bike during the winter months you can choose a lay-up policy that covers you for theft and other types of claims that could arise as a result of having your bike in storage for the winter months. It is important to remember that if you have this coverage, you should not ride your motorcycle during the winter because if there is an accident you will not be covered. 

If you have questions about your motorcycle policy please call Hinman & Associates Insurance today. We proudly serve the Reno, NV area. 


Is Your Boat Covered When It’s Docked?

We all know how much fun it is to own a boat, but let’s not forget that it’s also a lot of responsibility. The team at Hinman & Associates Insurance is here to help you find the right insurance policy for your Reno, NV area boat. In addition to on-water coverage, it’s also important to make sure that you have protection when your boat is docked. Take a look at your boat policy today to make sure you have the protection you need. Our team is here to review all of your boat insurance options with you and help you determine the policy and coverage levels that are right for you.

Protect Your Boat Wherever it Is

Whether you are on the water, transporting your craft to the marina, or docked you still need comprehensive protection. Many people enjoy gathering with their friends and family after a day on the water and don’t think twice about their insurance in such instances. Coverage can’t stop once you’re in from the lake, and protecting yourself whenever you are docked is essential. It is still possible for someone to slip and fall on your docked boat, for another craft to cause it damage, and for other damage to occur.  A comprehensive boat insurance policy can help to protect you in these situations when you have the required coverage. It’s never a good idea to try to get by with the lowest level of coverage for your boat, there are too many variables at play that you can’t control.

Want to find out more about full boat coverage that can help you stay protected this boating season? Call or stop by Hinman & Associates Insurance today and meet with one of our professional Reno, NV area agents.

Why do I need an umbrella policy

Before you understand why you may or may not need an umbrella policy it is important that you understand what an umbrella policy is. Think about an umbrella then consider what it does, it protects you from the elements. An umbrella policy does the same thing for your assets, it adds an additional layer of liability protection above and beyond your homeowners or auto insurance policy.  The friendly agents at Hinman & Associates Insurance Reno, NV would be happy to discuss this important coverage with you.

Another name for an umbrella policy is excess liability insurance and it some ways it makes the purpose a lot clearer. In today’s world where suing seems to have become a national pastime, it kicks in when your homeowners or auto insurance limits have been reached. Typically umbrella policies give between one and five million dollars in excess coverage.

If you own a home, have savings or other assets, having an umbrella policy can protect these assets for you. You may not think that you have large enough assets to require this type of coverage but if you own a home of any size and would not like to lose that home to a lawsuit, then it is important to consider getting this coverage.

With a lawsuit, it is not only what you actually own today that is in danger but also what you may earn or own in the future. Owning some things make you more vulnerable to legal liability such as a swimming pool, trampoline or a dog. If you coach children’s sports, are a landlord or even are a volunteer for a non-profit, you can be sued for something you said, wrote or did. Why take a chance with your hard earned assets?

If you live in or near Reno, NV why not call Hinman & Associates Insurance to discuss your particular situation and whether or not an umbrella policy is something that you need to have.


4 Reasons Why You Should Sponsor a Whole Life Policy for Your Grandchild

As a grandparent, you want to give your loved ones everything they need to live up to their fullest potential. The right insurance strategy plays an important role in providing the things your family needs to thrive. Here are several reasons why sponsoring a whole life insurance policy from Hinman & Associates Insurance is an intelligent financial decision that grandparents can make for their grandchildren in the Reno, NV area.

  • Guarantee their education. A whole life policy accrues cash value over time. If you start a policy when your granddaughter is 8, it’s possible that she’ll have plenty of money for college when she turns 18. The best part is that she won’t have to sell or close her life insurance policy to get the cash.
  • Help them build a secure future. It’s more difficult for youngsters to get a start in life these days. Housing prices, education loans, and skyrocketing costs of living continue to push young people away from their economic dreams. The money in their whole life fund could help your grandchild avoid years of struggle.
  • Protect their parents from unforeseen circumstances. When a child passes away, grieving parents have plenty of stress on their shoulders. With a life insurance policy, they’ll at least be provided with enough funds to take care of final expenses.
  • Preserve their right to buy. As they grow older, children can develop diseases and habits that make it hard for them to qualify for high-quality policies. Buy them a policy early in their lives so they’ll never have to worry about being disqualified for premium policies.

Hinman & Associates Insurance provides life insurance policies for adults and children of all ages. Contact our representatives in the Reno, NV area for more information on life insurance.