Five Benefits of Having Comprehensive Auto Insurance in Reno

Driving in Reno comes with unpredictable weather conditions and other potential road hazards that can lead to collisions and incidents for local drivers. Reno drivers secure their rides with comprehensive auto insurance, which helps mitigate the costs of accident and non-collision-related damages like thefts and natural disasters. 

Hinman & Associates Insurance and Comprehensive Auto Insurance Benefits

Benefit #1. – Protection Against Weather Extremes

Reno residents know local weather patterns can run the gamut from intense heat to blinding snowstorms. Regional drivers can get coverage for weather-related damages to automobiles with comprehensive insurance. 

Benefit #2. – Secure Your Vehicle Against Vandalism and Theft

Urban areas like Reno can be highly susceptible to vehicle theft and vandalism. Reduce the likelihood of incurring damage and theft-related expenses out of pocket by protecting your finances with comprehensive auto insurance. 

Benefit #3. – Safeguard Your Finances from Non-Collision Related Incidents

Liability insurance offers limited protection that covers costs related to at-fault accidents and legal liability claims. Savvy drivers use auto insurance as a financial tool to safeguard their finances against unexpected perils. 

Benefit #4. – Wildfire Protection

Residents face the unique peril of wildfires that can break out and cause irreversible damage to homes and vehicles. Talk to a knowledgeable insurance agent to learn how comprehensive insurance can protect your vehicle and its contents from the devastating effects of wildfires. 

Benefit #5. – Starting a Policy is Easy

The best news about getting comprehensive auto insurance in Reno, NV, is that starting a new policy is easy! Contact the licensed and friendly insurance professionals at Hinman & Associates Insurance to get a free quote and begin a new auto insurance policy today! 

The Autonomous Revolution: How Self-Driving Cars Could Change the Landscape of Auto Insurance

In the high desert terrain of Reno, NV, a silent revolution is underway as self-driving cars become an integral part of the automotive landscape. At Hinman & Associates Insurance, nestled in the heart of Reno, we recognize the transformative potential of autonomous vehicles and the consequential shifts they bring to the realm of auto insurance.

Autonomous Vehicles: Changing the Driving Game

Self-driving cars represent more than just a technological marvel; they embody a paradigm shift in transportation. With features like advanced driver assistance systems and fully autonomous capabilities, these vehicles aim to redefine the driving experience, promising increased safety, efficiency, and reduced traffic incidents on Reno’s roads.

Navigating the Insurance Landscape of Tomorrow

As autonomous vehicles become more prevalent in Reno, the landscape of auto insurance is poised for significant change. While these vehicles offer enhanced safety features, they also introduce new challenges for insurers. The focus is shifting from traditional driver-centric policies to comprehensive coverage for automated systems and potential technology-related risks.

Hinman & Associates Insurance: Steering Through Change

Serving the community of Reno, Hinman & Associates Insurance understands the unique challenges the autonomous revolution poses. Our agency is committed to providing tailored insurance solutions that not only adapt to the evolving technological landscape but also address the specific needs of Reno residents in this transformative era.

Embrace the Future: Contact Hinman & Associates Insurance Today

As self-driving cars revolutionize the way we commute in Reno, NV, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve with insurance that aligns with these technological advancements. Contact Hinman & Associates Insurance today to discuss how we can help secure your drive in the evolving era of autonomous vehicles.

How a helmet could help save your life on a motorcycle

Motorcycles can be an exciting and enjoyable way to travel and experience the outdoors in Reno, NV. Unfortunately, they also come with the risk of serious injury if an accident occurs. Wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle can significantly reduce your chances of being seriously injured or killed in the event of an accident. Helmets are designed to absorb and deflect much of the shock from a direct impact, protecting your head and neck from serious injury, such as traumatic brain injury or spinal cord damage. At Hinman & Associates Insurance, we recommend you wear one every time you get on your bike.

The best helmets on the market today are made from advanced materials, such as carbon fiber or Kevlar, and are constructed to meet or exceed impact safety standards. Additionally, many modern helmets come equipped with special features such as built-in ventilation systems, adjustable straps for comfort, and improved visibility. Those features mean that today’s riders have more options when selecting a safe helmet. 

In short, wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle is essential for protecting yourself in case of an accident. A quality helmet won’t just help you avoid serious injury; it could save your life. For more safety tips or to explore a policy that can cover you and your motorcycle in case of an accident, give us at Hinman & Associates Insurance today. We are proud to serve the Reno, NV, area and would be happy to help you find a policy that meets your needs and budget.

Exploring Different Types of Auto Insurance Coverage in Reno, NV

Shopping for auto insurance can be a daunting task. There are many coverages to consider, and deciding which type is best for you is difficult. This blog post will explore the different auto insurance coverage available in Reno, NV, so you can make an informed decision about your policy and how Hinman & Associates Insurance can help.

Liability Coverage 

This coverage is mandatory in most states and protects you if you cause injury or damage in an accident. It will cover the costs associated with medical bills, vehicle repairs, and legal fees. Liability coverage typically comes in two forms: Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Liability—and it’s essential to ensure you have enough coverage to protect yourself financially in the event of an accident. 

Collision Coverage 

Collision coverage helps pay for repairs to your car if it is damaged in an accident with another vehicle or object (like a tree). Collision coverage may compensate for a brand-new vehicle if your car is totaled. 

Comprehensive Coverage 

Comprehensive coverage helps pay for damages to your vehicle caused by something other than a collision – such as hail damage, theft, vandalism, or fire. It’s important to note that comprehensive coverage does not cover any damage caused by an animal.  

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage 

If you are involved in an accident with a driver who does not have insurance or whose insurance limits are too low to cover all the costs associated with the accident, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage can help protect you financially. This type of coverage pays for medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and other expenses related to an accident exceeding the at-fault driver’s policy limits. 

If you live in Reno, NV, and need help exploring different auto insurance policies, don’t hesitate to contact Hinman & Associates Insurance—we’re here to help!

Required Auto Insurance in Nevada

When you own a car in Nevada, you must have auto insurance to protect yourself and others. When you buy your vehicle, you need to have your auto insurance in place immediately so that you never drive without your coverage. There are certain types of coverage that you are required to have in your auto policy in Nevada. When you need coverage, call us today at Hinman & Associates Insurance in Reno, NV to get started. 

Liability Coverage Is Required

When you get your policy, your insurance agent will know the types of coverage available to you, including the types required for all drivers in the state. They will also know the exact amounts required and how much you can add to your coverage to be better protected against the costs that result from accidents. The policy is required to have bodily injury liability coverage as well as coverage for property damage liability. There are two amounts needed for bodily injury coverage, with one amount for everyone injured and a different amount for one person who is injured. Both of these coverage types pay for someone else’s expenses if you should be the cause of an accident. 

Other Coverage

You can also choose to get comprehensive coverage and collision coverage. Comprehensive coverage protects you against a wide range of risks to your vehicle when it isn’t being driven. Collision insurance covers your vehicle for damages if you cause the accident. These two types of coverage aren’t mandatory, but they can be accommodating after an accident or other incident. 

Get Auto Insurance

When you need auto insurance, we are here to help you. Call us at Hinman & Associates Insurance in Reno, NV.

How will auto insurance protect me in Reno?

Those that are in the Reno, NV area will always want to own a car. When you are a vehicle owner in this part of Nevada, you also need to make sure that you are properly insured. When you do invest in an auto insurance plan, it can protect you and your vehicle in several ways. 

Protect Vehicle

One of the ways that your auto insurance plan can protect you is by protecting your vehicle. If you choose to purchase a vehicle, you will want to use it for a long time. One way that you can ensure that this happens is by getting an insurance plan that has collision and comprehensive coverage. With this level of support, you will be protected if the vehicle is stolen or damaged in an accident. This level of coverage will also be required if you have taken out a loan to buy your vehicle. 

Mitigate Liability Risk

You will also need to get auto coverage to offset your liability risk. Whenever you are behind the wheel of a car, there is a chance that an accident could occur. If you are at fault, you will need to cover the damages out of pocket. Fortunately, you can get an auto insurance plan that will provide you with liability insurance and will help to reduce this concern.  

People that are vehicle owners in the Reno, NV area will always want to know that they are properly supported with insurance. If you are looking for auto coverage here, you can start your search for an ideal plan by calling Hinman & Associates Insurance. The team with Hinman & Associates Insurance knows the importance and value of this coverage and will offer the support that you need to get a proper policy. 

Useful Auto Insurance Tips for First Time Buyers

Auto insurance is that one investment every driver needs. There are no gurus on the street, and anyone can cause an accident. Whether you’ve been on the road for years or you’ve just gotten your first car, auto insurance is critical.

But if you first-time car buyer, you may find it challenging to navigate the somewhat complicated car insurance world. As such, the right coverage is crucial, especially for first-time buyers. To that end, Hinman & Associates Insurance of Reno, NV has prepared for you some valuable tips about auto insurance. Be sure to read through the article for insights.

How does auto insurance work?

Auto insurance works the same as other insurance policies. You are required to purchase a policy that states the type and the amount of coverage, where you pay some premiums to keep your policy active in the event of a claim.

What factors influence auto insurance premiums?

The premiums depend on several factors and some considerations. Some factors include:

  • Type of the car
  • Your driving records
  • Where you live
  • How you commute that is a short or long commute
  • Your deductible
  • Type of coverage
  • Amount of coverage

What are the types of auto insurance coverage?

There are different types of auto insurance coverages, each of them offers a different form of protection. It’s advisable to discuss with your insurer how each of them works to get one that best suits your needs. Here is a list of the standard coverages.

  • Liability coverage
  • Collision coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Underinsured or uninsured motorist
  • Personal injury protection (PIP) or medical coverage

Besides, you can consider "add-ons" or "riders" to provide coverage in specific areas. For instance, an "engine protect" rider protects you if your engine suffers damage from an oil leak or water ingression.

Get the right policy today!

While you need to arm yourself with car insurance information, working with a trusted insurance agent is an asset. If you happen to be a resident of Reno, NV, and its environs, you can trust Hinman & Associates Insurance for all your car insurance needs.

Required Auto Insurance in Nevada

While many states are moving to no-fault laws, Nevada has a fault system for car accidents. Someone is chosen as the person at fault for the accident, and that person has to pay for the harm done by it, whether that’s for injuries or property damage. If you need required auto insurance, or you want to boost your insurance, call us at Hinman & Associates Insurance in Reno, NV to find out more.

Bodily Injury

Often, the bodily injury of those in an accident is costly. That’s why there is a mandatory minimum for bodily injury in Nevada. There is an amount of coverage required for each person who was injured and an amount for all of the injuries from an accident. Bodily injury also includes death. If someone were to die or become injured in an accident you caused, your insurance policy would pay for their expenses up to the maximum coverage amount you chose. Often, people get more than the mandatory minimum to have less risk of having to pay any of these expenses from their own pockets. 

Property Damage

In addition to bodily injury coverage, you need property damage coverage to stay legal in Nevada. This type of coverage pays for any damage you caused to another vehicle, or any other property, in an accident in which you were at fault. While there is a minimum amount of coverage mandated by law, getting a higher amount is usually recommended if serious damage is caused or a high-priced car is involved.

Talk to an Agent

If you need auto insurance, don’t wait to become legal. Call us at Hinman & Associates Insurance in Reno, NV to make an appointment with an agent. 

Must Have Auto Insurance for New Drivers

As a new driver, you may lack confidence or experience on the road, especially when driving under adverse weather conditions. This makes you more susceptible to causing accidents. The right insurance coverage will protect you and others against the damage that accidents can cause. At Hinman & Associates Insurance in Reno, NV, we can customize your auto policy to provide you with the essential protection you need to include the following: 


Like most states, Nevada requires that drivers have auto liability coverage. Liability covers the cost of injuries or property damage to other drivers or pedestrians in accidents that are your fault. If you cause an accident, you’re responsible for paying for damages. Nevada sets minimum limits on the liability insurance drivers must carry. As serious accidents can cause extensive damage to others, it’s better to purchase more than minimum liability coverage. Otherwise, you could wind up paying for much of that damage out-of-pocket.

Nevada also requires that you have uninsured motorist coverage to protect yourself against hit and run drivers or drivers with insufficient insurance coverage.


Comprehensive coverage compensates you for the current market value of your vehicle if it’s stolen. It also covers damage to your car if a falling object hits it, suffers vandalism, or is damaged by adverse weather. If you’re into road trips, comprehensive insurance can come in handy to protect your vehicle against these risks while traveling in unknown places.


Collision insurance covers damage to your car caused by crashing into another vehicle or object such as a tree, fence, or telephone pole. If your vehicle slips on an icy road and slams into a tree or rear-ends another vehicle, collision coverage will help pay for your vehicle repair costs.  

To learn more about auto insurance options and costs, contact us at Hinman & Associates Insurance in Reno, NV.

Ways to Save on Auto Insurance

Driving can start to get expensive after a while. When you consider your car payment, maintenance, tags, and insurance, it can make you long for the old horse and buggy days. There are some ways you can save on your auto insurance. Here are a few tips from Hinman & Associates Insurance serving Reno, NV, and surrounding areas.

Drive Safely

This may sound like a no brainer, but many people suffer in the pocketbook because of the way they drive. A bad driving record and consistently lousy driving habits will eventually catch up to you in the form of high auto insurance premiums. Driving safely is not that difficult. Avoid distracted driving of any kind, follow the speed limit, stay calm in traffic, and follow the rules.

Take a Class

If you continually find it difficult to drive safely, you might want to consider taking a driving course. Even if you took driver’s ed in high school, brushing up on your driving skills is a good idea. Taking a driver’s course now as an adult could give you a new perspective on driving and safety.

Consider Your Car

If you are tired of paying high insurance costs, you might want to consider downsizing your car. Older cars have better insurance costs than new vehicles. This will also save you money if you are currently paying a car payment. Even a car that is only a few years old will have dramatically cheaper car insurance than a brand-new car.

Drive Less

Some insurance policies will give drivers an option of cheaper car insurance if they drive their car a minimum number of miles a year.

If you would like to learn more about auto insurance and how you can save money, call our friendly staff today at Hinman & Associates Insurance serving Reno, NV, and surrounding areas.