How to Make Sure Your Valuable Belongings Are Covered By Your Home Insurance

Do you have several valuable items in your home? If you worry about damage or theft of your belongings, you can get insurance coverage for them. Hinman & Associates Insurance of the greater Reno, NV area has agents that can assist you with such matters.

Coverage Limits Vary

It’s important to remember that your coverage limits for valuables are different based on the insuring company and the amount of your dwelling coverage.

Look for Named Perils and Exclusions

Many insurance companies will only provide coverage under specific circumstances. In this instance, any of the events/perils not mentioned in the documents will not be covered.

You also should be aware if there are any exclusions. For instance, some companies don’t offer coverage for rare coins or antiques. You’d have to ask for additional insurance if you have items that are excluded in your standard policy.

Blanket Coverage for Valuables

With blanket coverage, you’d be able to raise the coverage for a whole category of items you own such as fine art, instruments, and collectibles.

Riders or Floaters Can Help

If you want coverage for a certain item, you can have it explicitly put into your policy to raise your limits with a floater. This offers protection for the replacement value up to the amount of your policy limit.

Expert Insurance Assistance from a Reputable Agency

When it comes to getting the right coverage for your valuable items, look no further than Hinman & Associates Insurance of the Reno, NV area. You need to know that you won’t have a total loss when it comes to something happening to your belongings and can even potentially get as close as possible to its value depending on what’s in your policy.