4 Reasons Why You Should Sponsor a Whole Life Policy for Your Grandchild

As a grandparent, you want to give your loved ones everything they need to live up to their fullest potential. The right insurance strategy plays an important role in providing the things your family needs to thrive. Here are several reasons why sponsoring a whole life insurance policy from Hinman & Associates Insurance is an intelligent financial decision that grandparents can make for their grandchildren in the Reno, NV area.

  • Guarantee their education. A whole life policy accrues cash value over time. If you start a policy when your granddaughter is 8, it’s possible that she’ll have plenty of money for college when she turns 18. The best part is that she won’t have to sell or close her life insurance policy to get the cash.
  • Help them build a secure future. It’s more difficult for youngsters to get a start in life these days. Housing prices, education loans, and skyrocketing costs of living continue to push young people away from their economic dreams. The money in their whole life fund could help your grandchild avoid years of struggle.
  • Protect their parents from unforeseen circumstances. When a child passes away, grieving parents have plenty of stress on their shoulders. With a life insurance policy, they’ll at least be provided with enough funds to take care of final expenses.
  • Preserve their right to buy. As they grow older, children can develop diseases and habits that make it hard for them to qualify for high-quality policies. Buy them a policy early in their lives so they’ll never have to worry about being disqualified for premium policies.

Hinman & Associates Insurance provides life insurance policies for adults and children of all ages. Contact our representatives in the Reno, NV area for more information on life insurance.