Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Helmet Replacement?

To maximize safety, it’s wise for motorcyclists to replace their helmets every several years and after any accidents. This headgear is crucial to safety and required by law in Nevada, but it can be costly. You may wonder if a motorcycle insurance policy would cover replacement when your helmet becomes damaged or otherwise unusable.

Coverage Details

Helmets may be covered, depending on the circumstances and the exact type of policy. A different limit that doesn’t pertain to the bike might apply to your gear. It’s also important to keep your deductible in mind. If you only have liability coverage, it usually won’t cover the replacement of a helmet or other gear. Collision and especially comprehensive plans are more likely to insure this equipment.

Sometimes, you might need to add motorcycle accessory coverage to your policy before replacement will be covered. You may also benefit from insurance with a lower deductible. Keep in mind that other policies could cover your helmet in certain situations. For instance, renters coverage may reimburse you if a thief steals gear stored in your apartment.

What’s Not Covered

Remember that insurance doesn’t act as a warranty. It won’t cover replacement if you need a new helmet because of manufacturing defects, wear and tear, age, or gradual decay. Generally, the loss must be caused by an event covered by your specific policy, such as a collision or fire. When in doubt, ask your agent for clarification.

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