How Much Commercial Insurance is Required in NV?

For many, owning a small business is the fulfillment of a lifetime of hard work and dreaming. Consequently, protecting that business is of paramount importance and that’s where commercial insurance comes into play. Similar to homeowners or auto insurance, commercial insurance is designed to protect the business owner from being 100% responsible for any potential incidents such as an injury in the workplace, storm damage to the office location, theft, vandalism, and much more. 

Every state has different requirements as to how much commercial insurance a business must have. Keep in mind, that these requirements are only the minimum needed to remain legally compliant with the state and many businesses will need more insurance – particularly liability coverage – to protect themselves and their company from potentially business ending incidents. To that end, Nevada law requires that any business with at least one seasonal, temporary, contracted, part-time, or full-time employee have workers’ compensation insurance to help pay for injuries or illnesses sustained in the workplace. Additionally, any business owned vehicles must have commercial auto insurance that is separate from any personal auto coverage.

While commercial auto insurance and workers’ compensation insurance are the only mandatory coverages for Nevada business owners, there are many optional coverages that may add extra peace of mind. For instance, one of the coverages that is becoming increasingly popular is cyber liability insurance which helps businesses recover from data breaches, cyber attacks, and other similar incidents. 

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