Can Renters Install a Home Security System?

Renters in the Reno, NV area can rely on the agents of Hinman & Associates Insurance to help them determine the best way to reduce their risk of loss while living in a rental property or apartment. One of the best ways is to install a do-it-yourself home security system. They offer reliable protection without having to be directly wired into your apartment’s electrical system.

Easy to Install and Remove

Most do-it-yourself home security systems come with sensors and detectors that are wireless and battery operated. The entire system can be installed or taken down in a few minutes’ time, leaving no trace of it ever being there. Sensors are conveniently placed at various points of entry like doors and windows.

Wireless with Remote Access

DIY home security systems work by using a wireless internet connection that allows them to connect with your smartphone or other electronic devices remotely. You can access your system from anywhere just by downloading the corresponding app and establishing a connection. 

No Long-Term Contracts

Most DIY home security systems do not require a long-term contract. Although third-party monitoring is available with most systems, you aren’t obligated to subscribe to it. You may choose to monitor your system on your own giving you full control of when your system is armed and what information is turned over to the authorities.

The agents of Hinman & Associates Insurance are able to assist Reno, NV residents who are renting their homes in finding the type of home security system that is most beneficial for them. Each agent understands the need for having a sense of security, especially when renting an apartment or home. Speak to an agent as soon as possible so you can have the peace of mind you deserve.