Classic Car Insurance in Nevada

Hinman & Associates Insurance in Reno, NV offers insurance for your classic car. An antique automobile is hard to find and expensive to maintain. That’s why it’s important to keep them covered with the appropriate policy. Learn more about our classic truck and car insurance below.

What Is a Classic Vehicle?

A classic vehicle is over ten years old and of historic interest to collectors. If it’s 25 years or older, it’s an antique car. There are a few other characteristics that impact whether you can insure your antique or classic car.

First, you use it rarely, reserving use to club activities, exhibitions, and parades (or similar events). Insured cars are well-maintained and preserve the antique look of the original features.

Insurance for Your Classic Car

You can get insurance for your exotic sports car or rare editions of brand collectors love, such as Mustang or Jaguar. Perhaps you bought it in pristine condition or restored it with your own hands. Your classic car is your passion and you need to protect yourself from the financial loss associated with theft, accident or another covered event.

Collector Car Insurance in Reno, NV

Here are some of the coverage option for rare vehicles available in Nevada:

  • Special claims and repair options
  • Value coverage
  • Flexible use coverages
  • Liability and damage options
  • Free valuation of the vehicle

Hinman & Associates serves our clients in Reno, NV. Whether you own a sleek sports machine from the 1960s or a trusty Model T that survived the depression, we can help you get the coverage you need to keep your baby safe on the road, at the show or in your garage.