I have a 5th Wheel. Do I need motorhome insurance?

Determining the best insurance for your home on wheels can be confusing if you own a camper or motorhome. This is understandable because the insurance requirements vary based on the type of camper you own. Our Hinman & Associates Insurance team understands the confusion that many people with homes on wheels can experience regarding insurance. We’re here to help our Reno, NV residents cut through the confusion.

What is Motorhome Insurance?

Motorhome insurance is designed for people with motorized recreation vehicles/campers. Like car insurance, motorhome insurance includes liability coverage and other forms of coverage. Motorhome insurance can provide coverage for the repair or replacement of your motorhome and your personal belongings if a covered incident damages it.

I have a 5th wheel. Do I need Motorhome Insurance?

No, a 5th wheel is not a motorized camper or recreational vehicle. As a result, motorhome insurance isn’t a requirement. Travel trailer insurance would be the appropriate insurance for a 5th wheel. Travel trailer insurance covers your 5th wheel if it’s damaged due to a covered incident. However, it should be noted that travel trailer insurance isn’t a legal requirement. However, if you’re financing your travel trailer, your lender will likely require you to carry travel trailer insurance. Regardless, travel trailer insurance pays for repairing or replacing your 5th wheel if it’s damaged due to a covered incident. Travel trailer insurance benefits both full and part-time campers, especially if you can’t pay for repairing or replacing your 5th wheel. Call us if you have questions about travel trailer insurance and its benefits. We’d be happy to help you explore your options.