Commercial insurance every small business needs

Owning a small business is a dream come true, and, at the same time, it can be highly stressful. So many things can go wrong and damage your business. The best thing you can do is to have good commercial insurance to protect your business. At Hinman & Associates Insurance in Reno, NV, we take our job seriously, and we understand the risks that your business needs to be protected from. 

Commercial liability insurance

As a small business, you are even more vulnerable to judgments and legal fees than larger businesses. Between one-third and one-half will be sued in any year. If you don’t have commercial liability insurance, you could lose everything you have and be forced to close your business. This insurance will pay the judgment and legal fees up to the policy’s limit. 

Commercial property insurance

Commercial property insurance is different from home insurance. It combines content with property insurance. If you don’t own the building, it will cover the content. This includes the things that your business uses every day to operate your particular business. It covers office furniture, machines, inventory, raw materials, tools, display units, electronics, and more. 

Business interruption insurance

When a covered peril causes the necessity to stop business temporarily, your income may dry up, but your expenses won’t. If you have this commercial insurance coverage, you can pay your bills, meet your salary, and even get paid yourself. Exclusions exist. Familiarize yourself with your policy. 

Commercial auto insurance

Vehicles your business owns should have commercial auto coverage. Keeping your personal and company cars separate is very important. Most auto insurance won’t cover business usage. 

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