Can Renters Install a Home Security System?

Renters in the Reno, NV area can rely on the agents of Hinman & Associates Insurance to help them determine the best way to reduce their risk of loss while living in a rental property or apartment. One of the best ways is to install a do-it-yourself home security system. They offer reliable protection without having to be directly wired into your apartment’s electrical system.

Easy to Install and Remove

Most do-it-yourself home security systems come with sensors and detectors that are wireless and battery operated. The entire system can be installed or taken down in a few minutes’ time, leaving no trace of it ever being there. Sensors are conveniently placed at various points of entry like doors and windows.

Wireless with Remote Access

DIY home security systems work by using a wireless internet connection that allows them to connect with your smartphone or other electronic devices remotely. You can access your system from anywhere just by downloading the corresponding app and establishing a connection. 

No Long-Term Contracts

Most DIY home security systems do not require a long-term contract. Although third-party monitoring is available with most systems, you aren’t obligated to subscribe to it. You may choose to monitor your system on your own giving you full control of when your system is armed and what information is turned over to the authorities.

The agents of Hinman & Associates Insurance are able to assist Reno, NV residents who are renting their homes in finding the type of home security system that is most beneficial for them. Each agent understands the need for having a sense of security, especially when renting an apartment or home. Speak to an agent as soon as possible so you can have the peace of mind you deserve.

3 Things All Motorhome Owners Should Know

Motorhomes are a bastion of freedom for so many people in Reno, NV. Not only do they have the means to go nearly anywhere in the country without having the pay exorbitant hotel rates, but they can also customize their space and enjoy the freedom of not having to pack up after every overnight stay. But there are a few practical details that motorhome owners should know, and Hinman & Associates Insurance wants you to have all the details you need before you get back in for another trip. 

You May Have to Insure Your Belongings 

Motorhome insurance can be customized depending on how you use the vehicle. If you intend to use it as your home, then you’ll need to ensure that the policy you get takes that into account. We can help you decide what level of coverage you need, depending on what you own and what you take with you. 

You Should Have Full Coverage 

Your insurance policy should ultimately cover every possible scenario — including uninsured and underinsured motorists, theft, and vandalism. The more situations you account for, the faster you can get back on the road in case something happens. 

Your Insurance Carrier Matters 

The people of Reno, NV should have a partner that they can trust, which is why Hinman & Associates Insurance is here to help. If you have questions about what can be done to make your policy more suited for your adventures, we want to help. We know how important your vehicle is to you, which is why we take every precaution to keep it safe on the road and off. We’re here to serve you whenever and however you need, so give us a call today for more information. 

Your Guide to RV Insurance in Nevada

If you are thinking about purchasing a recreational vehicle or have recently bought an RV, it’s crucial to think about RV insurance. At Hinman & Associates Insurance, we’re happy to help those in the Reno, NV area find out if RV insurance is right for them, and what kind of policy then need.

Defining a Recreational Vehicle

What counts as an RV? RV vehicles are typically divided into several different classes based on how large they are and how they are used. An RV can be anything from a converted bus that you live in and drive to a small trailer you hitch behind your vehicle and use for occasional camping. Motorcoach, luxury coach, cargo van, travel trailer, and many other model types all count as RVs.  

RV Insurance Requirements

If you have an RV that you drive (as opposed to towing it behind another vehicle), then Nevada law requires RV insurance that meets basic auto insurance requirements. That means getting a policy that includes $15,000 coverage for bodily injury or death in an accident, $30,000 for group injuries or death, and $10,000 for injury or destruction of property.

RV Insurance vs. Auto Insurance

Since auto and RV insurance requirements are the same, owners may wonder why they are sold as different policies. The reason is that RV insurance is designed to add on many additional types of insurance specifically designed for recreational vehicles. That includes special roadside assistance insurance, campsite insurance, home insurance if the RV is used as a home, vacation insurance, and other options that owners can choose from based on their activities.

If you want to learn more about the details of RV policies or wish to put together RV insurance, call us today! Hinman & Associates Insurance offers services for those through the Reno, NV area.

The special hazards of riding a motorcycle

For some, nothing is quite as refreshing as riding a motorcycle. The wind in your face, the open road, and the feeling of freedom are like nothing else you can experience.

However, because a motorcycle lacks safety features such as an airbag or an automobile’s collapsible car body, motorcycle riding can have several special hazards. Hinman & Associates Insurance, serving Reno, NV, explains some of these dangers.

A person on a motorcycle is less visible than an automobile. Bikes are smaller and thus can sometimes be missed on the road, especially at night or in inclement conditions.

Motorcycles, being inherently unstable and are more prone to accidents when encountering road hazards than automobiles. Slick pavement, potholes, and road debris that a car might be able to handle can be deadly for a motorcycle and its rider.

Motorcycles are also susceptible to speed accidents. Sometimes, at high speeds on a freeway, the front of the motorcycle can begin to wobble and shake. This characteristic can lead to an accident at high speeds if the rider is not careful.

Finally, riding a motorcycle requires a different skill set than driving an automobile. Operating a motorcycle takes a great deal of dexterity and an appreciation for the basic limitations of the vehicle. Motorcycles have far less of a margin for error than driving a car. 

One good safety tip is to wear proper gear when riding a motorcycle. This includes boots, full-length pants, a leather jacket, and gloves. A helmet is a must, even in states or localities that don’t require it.

For more information on motorcycle insurance and how to ride in greater safety, contact Hinman & Associates Insurance, serving Reno, NV.

Boat Insurance Coverage Requirements for Nevada Residents

If you’re a Reno, NV resident and own a boat or other type of watercraft, you will need boat insurance coverage. Here are the facts about boat insurance for Reno, NV residents.

Types of Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Types of boat and watercraft that can be covered include:

  • Performance boats
  • Sailboats
  • Fishing boats
  • Classic boats
  • Jet skis, wave runners, and other personal watercraft

Available Coverages for Reno Boat and Watercraft Owners

Boat and watercraft owners have a variety of coverage options, including:

  • Property damage liability
  • Comprehensive
  • On-water towing
  • Labor coverage service
  • Bodily injury
  • Medical payments
  • Uninsured boater
  • Personal effects replacement

Do You Need Boat Insurance?

Nevada is a state that does not require boat owners to have boat coverage, but if you’re interested in docking your boat on the marinas, you may be required to have adequate boat insurance. If you take out a loan and use your boat as collateral, banks may require you to obtain a valid boat insurance policy.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Boat Insurance

Before you purchase boat insurance, you need to consider if you need coverage year-round, the discounts and other programs available, and how much liability and medical coverage is enough. If your boat is towed, you need to know whether or not you are covered in an emergency. You should also be familiar with the process of filing and settling a claim, just in case you need these services.

Here at Hinman and Associates, we understand your need for boat and watercraft insurance. We provide insurance coverage for a variety of situations, including auto, home, commercial, and other insurance types. Contact us now to inquire about the insurance solutions we offer and how we can help you with your insurance needs.

When is umbrella insurance a necessity for a Nevada resident?

Most in the state of Nevada will likely have some personal liability insurance coverage through their home and auto insurance policies. However, for a lot of people, it could make sense to get additional personal liability coverage. One way to do this is by getting an umbrella insurance policy. There are several situations when it should be considered a practical necessity to get an umbrella insurance policy. 

When at Risk for Other Situations

One situation when it makes sense to get an umbrella insurance policy is when you are at risk for other situations that may not be covered. While home and auto policies are enough for liability coverage for most people in the Reno, NV area, there are situations when you could have a higher risk of being sued for unrelated forms of liability. For example, if you are at a higher risk of being sued for slander or libel, you should consider getting an umbrella insurance policy.

Concern for Bigger Accidents

Another situation when an umbrella insurance policy is a practical necessity is if you are concerned about the damages that can come with bigger accidents. If you are involved in a bad accident, the damages could exceed your base home or auto policy. With umbrella coverage, you will receive additional liability protection that is on top of your base policies. 

There are a lot of situations when having umbrella insurance is a good option for someone in the Reno, NV area. When you speak with the team at Hinman & Associates Insurance, you can learn a lot more about how umbrella insurance can benefit someone. Based on the conversations that you have with Hinman & Associates Insurance, you will be able to better determine if umbrella insurance is right for you and your situation. 

Can Life Insurance Help Prepare For Retirement?

When people begin to consider planning for their future retirement, many times, they are unaware of how life insurance can be beneficial. There are two main types of life insurance; whole life and term life. If you’re planning for retirement, you should consider purchasing a whole life insurance policy to help prepare for unexpected emergencies.

Why Whole Life Insurance?

Whole life insurance is a type of policy that you pay into monthly for a set amount of time. Over the years, you can eventually borrow money against the policy to help cover unexpected costs. This option can be a real asset if there is a medical emergency or other issues that can be a financial burden. Start paying into the policy early so that this option is available after retirement. You can consult with a licensed life insurance agent to find out more about how whole life policies work and how they are beneficial for retirement planning.

Finding the Right Policy

Working with customers to help them protect the people and belongings that are most important to them is the goal of Hinman & Associates Insurance. We proudly serve the Reno, NV area and can work one on one with each client to help determine current and future needs. Based on the situation, we can offer top quality life insurance products that match your situation. Having the right policy in place can be one of the best ways to prepare for all the future holds and gain the peace of mind necessary for building a solid retirement strategy. 

Life insurance can serve as an essential tool for those who are getting ready for retirement. Call or stop by Hinman & Associates Insurance, proudly serving Reno, NV, to speak with an agent today about your options.

Must Have Auto Insurance for New Drivers

As a new driver, you may lack confidence or experience on the road, especially when driving under adverse weather conditions. This makes you more susceptible to causing accidents. The right insurance coverage will protect you and others against the damage that accidents can cause. At Hinman & Associates Insurance in Reno, NV, we can customize your auto policy to provide you with the essential protection you need to include the following: 


Like most states, Nevada requires that drivers have auto liability coverage. Liability covers the cost of injuries or property damage to other drivers or pedestrians in accidents that are your fault. If you cause an accident, you’re responsible for paying for damages. Nevada sets minimum limits on the liability insurance drivers must carry. As serious accidents can cause extensive damage to others, it’s better to purchase more than minimum liability coverage. Otherwise, you could wind up paying for much of that damage out-of-pocket.

Nevada also requires that you have uninsured motorist coverage to protect yourself against hit and run drivers or drivers with insufficient insurance coverage.


Comprehensive coverage compensates you for the current market value of your vehicle if it’s stolen. It also covers damage to your car if a falling object hits it, suffers vandalism, or is damaged by adverse weather. If you’re into road trips, comprehensive insurance can come in handy to protect your vehicle against these risks while traveling in unknown places.


Collision insurance covers damage to your car caused by crashing into another vehicle or object such as a tree, fence, or telephone pole. If your vehicle slips on an icy road and slams into a tree or rear-ends another vehicle, collision coverage will help pay for your vehicle repair costs.  

To learn more about auto insurance options and costs, contact us at Hinman & Associates Insurance in Reno, NV.

Find Out How Much Commercial Insurance Your Company Needs

Do you have a new company or just determined that you need commercial insurance? Be sure to talk through what’s necessary with an agent like those at Hinman & Associates Insurance, serving the Sparks and Reno, NV area.

The Size of Your Company Is a Big Factor

Consider the size of your business when it comes to knowing how much insurance you should have in place. A small business likely will require much less in terms of coverage, though, of course, this depends on the specifics of the company.

Most Common Types of Business Insurance

It’s in your best interest to have the bare minimum insurance for your company, which is required for most states. Be sure to get general liability insurance that will protect your company against legal claims resulting from claims of negligence, accidents, and injuries. Product liability coverage also is vital if you manufacture, distribute, wholesale, or retail any products since it will cover liability in terms of safety. If you provide services, you should have professional liability insurance to protect your business against malpractice, negligence, and error claims.

Where you work will determine if you should get commercial property insurance or home-based business insurance. They both provide coverage in the instance of fire, storm, vandalism, and more that can cause damage to your building, electronics, and other physical property.

An agent at Hinman & Associates Insurance can help you figure out what commercial insurance would benefit your business. We’ll ensure that you comply with the laws of the Reno, NV area. Reach out to us today with your questions and concerns, and we’ll do our best to put your mind at ease.

Early Signs of Foundation Problems

It is usual for a house in Reno, NV to settle over time, and slight unevenness isn’t a cause to panic. However, there are several factors, such as weather, plumbing leaks, and tree roots, that can lead to foundation problems. Unfortunately, as these problems worsen, it can lead to extensive damages to the foundation, which may create more dangers, such as electrical, water, or gas line issues. Recognizing the early warning signs of foundation problems can help to eliminate more extensive and expensive problems for your home. Hinman & Associates Insurance has put together a few of the most common warning signs you should be aware of that may indicate a problem with your foundation.

Cracks in the Exterior Brick

One of the first warning signs of potential foundation problems is cracks in the exterior brick walls. As the soil under your house settles, the exterior walls also settle and rotate. As the exterior walls rotate, it puts stress on the joints and bricks, which causes small cracks in the bricks. Unfortunately, over time the cracks will continue to grow larger, leading to unstable walls, potential water damage, and an entrance for pests.

Bowing Walls in the Basement

As the moisture continues to build up in soil that is surrounding your house, it becomes heavier, which ultimately builds excessive pressure on the basement walls. Then, as the soil dries out, it begins to contract and pull away from the walls. This pushing and pulling from the earth on the basement walls causes them to bow and bend, eventually causing cracks in the walls of the basement.

Cracks in the Interior Walls

It’s common to find a few small interior wall cracks as the foundation begins to settle, and a well-constructed house can handle a fair amount of concrete shrinkage, soil expansion, and contraction and stress. However, if the soil around your home has excessive or inappropriate settling, it can have a significant effect on the foundation. This excessive settling often causes cracks in the interior walls, especially in the area where the ceiling and wall meet.

It’s important also to be aware of things such as windows and doors that are difficult to open and close uneven flooring, and a leaning chimney. These are signs that the foundation may have extensive issues, potential problems that you cannot visibly see, such as excess moisture inside the walls.

Residents of Reno, NV interested in learning more information about foundation issues or to review your current home insurance policy, contact Hinman & Associates Insurance.